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“Laws of Base Ball” Debuted At The Oregon Historical Society — 2 Comments

  1. Thanks for posting the link to John Thorn’s speech. A while back, I read his Baseball in the Garden of Eden, published a decade or more ago, and recall that while he certainly gave Doc Adams his props, it was no more so than he accorded the contributions of others, like Wheaton, Grenelle and Wadsworth. I therefore was interested in seeing whether the discovery and publication of The Laws of Baseball and its related documents caused Thorn to alter that opinion. And indeed, Thorn’s talk makes clear that he now views Adams as foremost among his contemporaries, one who ought to have been deemed worthy of HOF enshrinement by “16 of 16” committee members. Here’s hoping the HOF will finally come to its senses, and in so doing put to the rest its own Doubleday/Cartwright “Big Lie”.

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