A seminal baseball artifact, the “Laws of Base Ball” authored by Doc Adams, has re-surfaced and sold at auction for $3,263,246!

“Adams’s hand in the sport’s early rule-making is not a revelation; instead, it is the physical record of his central role memorialized in the three surviving pages of his document.”

This compelling artifact surely establishes that Daniel Lucius ‘Doc’ Adams is unequivocally a key Founding Father of baseball and deserves to be enshrined in the National Baseball Hall of Fame. Coming up merely 2 votes short of election in the balloting conducted last December, it would seem that this evidence, written in Doc’s own hand, should convince ALL of the members of the Pre-integration Era Committee to be re-convened next in December of 2018, to finally acknowledge Doc’s place in baseball history.

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Doc Adams’ 1857 ‘Laws of Base Ball’ Documents Sell for $3.26 Million in SCP Auctions’ Spring Premier

Laws of Base Ball - Page 1

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