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He is baseball’s most important figure not in the Hall of Fame… With the recent discovery of his “Laws of Base Ball” we have tangible primary evidence of his genius. More than anyone else, he created our game of nine innings, nine men, and ninety-foot base paths.

John Thorn on Doc Adams, “5 Inventors”, Our Gane (July 26, 2021)

“He’s the true father of baseball and you’ve never heard of him.”

John Thorn, Major League Baseball’s official historian, on the newly discovered founder of modern baseball, Daniel Lucius ‘Doc’ Adams.

Doc Adams in his own words:

“Dr. D. L. Adams: Memoirs of the Father of Base Ball”, Sporting News (2/29/1896)

“Father of Baseball”, Chicago Chronicle (6/23/1895)

Doc in the news:

Doc Adams ‘Laws of Base Ball’ Re-surfaces and Sells for $3.26M

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In Memory of Marjorie Adams

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To advance the truth of the origins of the game of baseball and ensure that Daniel Lucius ‘Doc’ Adams is acknowledged for his contributions and achievements in the advancement of the game.  For too long, his accomplishments have gone without public recognition or have been credited to others. As more complete and accurate research has documented Doc’s place in baseball history, it is time to honor him with enshrinement into the National Baseball Hall of Fame where he can take his rightful and long-overlooked place alongside the other baseball pioneers.

Daniel Lucius “Doc” Adams is one of the early pioneers of baseball. The origins of baseball have always been a little murky and shrouded in mystery. Everyone has heard the now discredited myth of Abner Doubleday, a distinguished Civil War general, being the father of baseball.

Doc Adams’ contributions to the game compare favorably, and some would argue even surpass those of others recognized and enshrined in the Hall of Fame.

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Daniel Lucius ‘Doc’ Adams, M.D. Timeline