As the Doc Adams’ Awareness Campaign progresses, word of his accomplishments and contributions to the game of baseball continue to appear in various media. Every attempt is made to find and document those appearances here.

Top Stories:

“Founding Rules of ‘Base Ball’ Sell for $3.26 Million in Auction”, New York Times (4/24/2016)

“The Making of Baseball’s Magna Carta”, Our Game (2/28/2016)

“DOC ADAMS HELPED SHAPE BASEBALL’S EARLIEST DAYS”, National Baseball Hall Of Fame (10/5/2015)

Doc Adams on John Thorn’s ‘Our Game’ Blog

The seminal article  (and its predecessor) on “The Father of Base Ball”:

“Father of Base Ball”, Chicago Chronicle (6/23/1895)

“Dr. D. L. Adams: Memoirs of the Father of Base Ball”, Sporting News (2/24/1896)

More recent stories on Doc in the news, blog reports, etc (disclaimer: these are Doc Adams media references – not all are 100% accurate):

“Cracker Jack, immortalized in baseball anthem, is a grand-slam recipe at home, too”, Fox News (3/28/2024)

MLB’s Record Breakers: The Most Expensive Memorabilia Ever Sold”, Hudson Reporter (3/18/2024)

“Who invented baseball?”, National Association of Historic Base Ball Clubs (12/17/2023)

“Demand for Unique Baseball Memorabilia Still High”, Baseball Reflections (12/16/2023)

“A History of Baseball Cards in Japan”, toppsRIPPED (12/4/2023)

“History of the MLB: From early baseball beginnings to monumental moments”, Fox Sports (9/14/2023)

“The 10 most expensive sports collectibles”, KTVZ (8/2/2023)

“Meet the American who is the ‘true father of baseball,’ New York City physician Daniel ‘Doc’ Adams”, Fox News Digital (3/31/2023)

“Meet the American who is the ‘true father of baseball,’ New York City physician Daniel ‘Doc’ Adams”, Fox News Digital (3/31/2023)

“When is 90 feet not 90 feet but still 90 feet? Let us explain”, (3/23/2023)

“Last Century Baseball Was All The Rage”, Zhuanlan-Zhihu (3/12/2023)

“On this day in history, March 7, 1857, baseball adopts nine players, nine innings as standard of competition”, Fox News (3/7/2023)

“What is a Shortstop in Baseball? [Answered with Details]”, Weezin Ball (3/1/2023)

“Alexander Cartwright facts for kids”, Kiddle (2/6/2023)

“The JoeBlogs Hall of Fame”, JoeBlogs (2/2/2023)

“10 Most Expensive MLB Memorabilia Items Ever Sold”, Clutch Points (1/31/2023)

“14 Most Expensive Sports Memorabilia”, (12/13/2022)

“13 Statements About Alexander Cartwright and the Founding of Baseball”, Sports History Network (10/25/2022)

“Vintage Portrait of Members of the New York Knickerbockers, the First Baseball Team to Wear Uniforms, ca. 1847”, Vintage News Daily (10/22/2022)

“Baseball pioneers”, The Cabinet Press (10/14/2022)

“Mont Vernon honors early baseball pioneer”, The Telegraph (10/9/2022)

“Baseball Innovator”, Jersey Dispatch (7/27/2022)

“Who Created Baseball?”, Rookie Road (5/17/2022)

“Who Invented Baseball?”, Baseball Nation (5/13/2022)

“The Fashion Race Course Ball”, Our Game (05/09/2022)

“Sports Memorabilia That’s Sold For Over $1 Million”, Grunge (05/05/2022)

“The Hall of Fame Shakes Up its Era Committee System Yet Again”, FanGraphs (4/26/2022)

“A Stroll Through Time”, 068 Magazine (4/12/2022)

“Bock’s Score: Please Leave It Alone”, NY Sports Day (4/3/2022)

“Bock’s Score: Baseball, Not Up To Par”, NY Sports Day (3/3/2022)

“Baseball Memorabilia: The MLB articles sold for millions of dollars at auction”, MSN (1/13/2022)

“On the ball | Billion$ Yankee$ for do$ Venezuelan$”, Lider (12/13/2021)

“Sunday Notes: Graham Spraker Was a Breakout Blue Jay in Double-A”, FanGraphs (12/12/2021)

“2022 Early Baseball Era Committee Candidate: Lefty O’Doul”, FanGraphs (11/30/2021)

“2022 Early Baseball Era Committee Candidates: Bill Dahlen and Allie Reynolds”, FanGraphs (11/29/2021)

“Championing Doc Adams For The Baseball Hall Of Fame”, James C. Metzger (11/15/2021)

“The Era Committee Ballots Bring a Double Dose of Hall of Fame Candidates”, FanGraphs (11/8/2021)

“Vintage Baseball Game Celebrates N.H. Man’s Legacy On The Diamond”, NHPR (9/25/2021)

“What is a Shortstop in Baseball? (Detailed Explanation)”, Baseball Scouter (9/16/2021)

“9 innings. 9 men. 90 feet between the bases.”, Twitter: John Thorn (9/3/2021)

“Vintage base ball with the Fungis”, Filmore County Journal (8/23/2021)

“Shortstop In Baseball – Baseball Position”, GET HYPED SPORTS (7/31/2021)

“5 Inventors”, Our Game (7/26/2021)

“How Sloppy (Or Dishonest) Historical Research Can Deceive For Decades: The Daniel “Doc” Adams Affair”, Ethics Alarms (7/21/2021)

“Why It’s Called A Shortstop In Baseball [Learn Here]”, Get Hyped (7/14/2021)

“A Q and A with Marjorie Adams (2014)”, Smokey Joe Wood (SABR) (7/12/2021)

“5 Shortstops” ,Our Game (6/28/2021)

“The Top 8 Most Expensive Sports Collectibles on the Market”, Sport Web (5/28/2021)

“Rules & Customs of Nineteenth Century Base Ball”, Mountain Athletic Club Vintage Base Ball (5/2021)

“How Did Shortstop Get The Name ‘Shortstop’?”, FanBuzz (5/7/2021)

“How We Got Here”, Our Game (4/26/2021)

“New York Knickerbockers Base Ball Club”, BaseballSpotlight (3/10/2021)

“The Consolations of Baseball”, Our Game (03/01/2021)

“Bock’s Score: At WAR With Today’s Baseball”, New York Sportsday (2/20/2021)

“Top 10 Memorabilia Classics Sold at Auction”, Sports Collector’s Digest (2/3/2021)

“Jay Jaffe FanGraphs Chat – 1/29/21”, FanGraphs (01/29/2021)

“D’Addona: Hall of Fame likely to pitch shutout”, Holland Sentinel (12/30/2020)

“The Outsiders: No. 28, Doc Adams”, The Athletic (12/15/2020)

“WHO REALLY INVENTED BASEBALL?”, Grunge (10/28/2020)

“Fairfield County Bank Invests in Connecticut Communities through Small Business Support and Charitable Giving”, (10/19/2020)

“Vintage base ball the subject of presentation”, The Bargain Hunter (10/12/2020)

“Good manners guide vintage baseball series, pandemic and all”, Bristol Press (9/20,2020)

“Jim Kaat, former teammates see Hall of Fame chances pushed back”, Holland Sentinel (08/26/2020)

“Era Committee elections rescheduled to 2021”, (8/24/2020)

“Our First President Of The Bank – Fairfield County Bank”, Facebook (7/16/2020)

“Heading for the Hall of Fame, with a little help from friends”, The Scott House Journal (July 2020)

“The Hall of Fame’s Class of 2020 Will Have to Wait a Year for Induction Weekend”, FanGraphs (4/29/2020)

“The All-Physician Team!”, reddit (4/10/2020)

“Baseball in the Time of Cholera”, Our Game (3/22/2020)

“Ask Claire with Claire Hall”, Comfortable Zoned Radio Network (1/26/2020)

“Who Really Invented Baseball?”, Encyclopedia Britannica

“Rewriting History: Why I made a minor, tiny, virtually insignificant change to The Utility of Boredom”, Invisible Publishing, (12/18/2019)

“Scout’s Take: Get Ready For ‘Bizzaro Baseball'”,  NY Sports Day (7/13/2019)

“Play Ball!”, Plymouth District Library (6/27/2019)

“Doc Adams Update”, Ridgefield Historical Society Newsletter (June 2019)

“How the Shortstop Offensive Makeover Is Changing Baseball”, The Ringer (3/26/2019)

“New Hampshire’s Role In Creating Baseball”, New Hampshire Magazine (3/14/2019)

“Riding up Route 13 to Mont Vernon”, WCVB (2/25/2019)

“John Thorn on Scoring”, Twitter (2/3/2019)

“Baseball’s ‘Magna Carta'”, Library of Congress (1/18/2019)

“Muzzy Field hosts a Vintage All-Star Baseball Game”, The Bristol Press (10/14/2018)

“Mont Vernon Recognizes Baseball Founder”, The Cabinet Press (10/4/2018)

“This Crackerjack Lineup of Baseball Memorabilia Drives Home the Game’s American Essence”, (7/17/2018)

“The Laws of Baseball … and the ‘Unchanging Game’”, Our Game (7/17/2018)

“Feehery: The Long Game”, The Hill (7/16/2018)

“Listing The 20 Most Expensive Pieces Of Sports Memorabilia Around The World”, TheSportster (7/15/2018)

“Baseball Americana at the Library of Congress”, Art Eyewitness (7/14/2018)

“Baseball’s Magna Carta”, Library of Congress Magazine (July/August 2018) page 10

“Bock’s Score: Where Did Our Game Of Baseball Go?”, New York Sports Day (7/8/2018)

“Almost 50 years on, baseball’s Midsummer Classic returns to Washington, DC”,  Ammos Travel Agency (5/20/2018)

“The long-lost ‘Laws of Base Ball,’ and one fan’s outsize bid to get them”, The Washington Post (5/18/2018)

“San Diego lawyer shares ‘Rules of Baseball’ in Washington exhibit”, 10 News (5/18/2018)

“Exhibition of baseball’s ‘Magna Carta’ comes to Library of Congress”,  WTOP (5/4/2018)

“Baseball’s ‘Magna Carta’ to be Displayed in Major Exhibition on the Game”, Library of Congress, (5/3/2018)

“Marvin Miller is the poster boy for a larger Baseball Hall of Fame dilemma”, Yahoo Sports (1/24/2018)

“A father of Base ball?”,The Cabinet Press (9/14/2017)

“Bock’s Score: Meet the Man Who Created The Shortstop”, NY Sports Day (9/3/2017)

“The push to honor a baseball pioneer from New Hampshire”, Concord Monitor (8/19/2017)

“Celebrating Doc Adams: ‘A father of base ball’?”, The Cabinet Press (8/17/2017)

“Fairfield County Bank is proud to introduce Doc Adams Days”, Ridgefield’s HamletHub (7/28/2017)

“Discover the mysterious origins of some of baseball’s most well-known terms”, (7/13/2017)

“10 good Hall of Fame candidates most MLB fans have never heard of”, Sporting News (5/10/2017)

“SABR 47: Research Presentations”, SABR (5/5/2017)

“The Hall of Fame Case for Doc Adams”, David Krell (4/29/2017)

“Someone Found, Bought, and Sold the Original Rules of Baseball For a Fortune Last Year”, Baseball is Fun (2/9/2017)

“MLB has more than one Daddy”, Think Blue LA (1/15/2017)

“Delayed but not defeated: Marjorie Adams, Doc Adams, and the Hall of Fame”, SABR (1/15/2017)

“The Hall of Fame Case for Doc Adams”, The Sports Post (1/3/2017)

“My Own Little Hall of Fame Recap: I”, Verdun2’s Blog (12/13/2016)

“If I Only Had a Vote”, Hall of Stats (12/9/2016)

“Is It Time For Robo Umps?”, Think Blue LA (12/7/2016)

“‘Medical Fellows’ and the New York Game”, Columbia Medicine (Fall/Winter 2016)

“The 40 most important people in baseball history, ranked”, The Sporting News (11/22/2016)

“From a Game to a Sport – Baseball in the 1850s”, The National Pastime Museum (11/17/2016)

“Baseball’s Magna Carta’ gets extra time at OHS”, KOIN 6 (10/7/2016)

“The True Godfather of Our Game”, (8/11/2016)

“Family rallies in late innings for a pioneering shortstop”, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution (9/4/2016)

“Baseball in the Garden of Eden”, The Oregon Historical Society (8/2/2016)

“Doc Adams Portrait”, Cecil Cooperstown (8/2/2016)

“‘Laws of Base Ball’ documents on display at Oregon Historical Society”, Fox 12 Oregon (7/25/2016)

“In Gettysburg, she wants ‘father of baseball’ to reach Hall of Fame”, The Evening Sun (7/16/2016)

“Trove of documents that upend baseball history now on display at Oregon Historical Society”, The Oregonian (7/1/2016)

“Birth of Baseball”, The Oregonian (7/1/2016)

“Baseball’s Magna Carta – Setting The Rules Of America’s Game”, SeattlePi (7/1/2016)

“Papers considered the ‘Magna Carta’ of baseball coming to Portland”, Fox 12 Oregon (6/17/2016)

“Hallowed baseball documents arrive safe at (temporary) home: the Oregon Historical Society”, The Oregonian (6/14/2016)

“Culture Corner: Baseball, perfect from the beginning”, East Oregonian (6/6/2016)

“Baseball came to Boulder in the 1860s”, (6/6/2016)

“PORTLAND: Society to host “The Magna Carta of Baseball” exhibit”, My Eastern Oregon (6/4/2016)

“Baseball’s Magna Carta: Setting the Rules of America’s Game”, The Oregon Historical Society (6/1/2016)

“Oregon Historical Society lands first-ever display of recently discovered ‘Magna Carta of baseball'”, The Oregonian (6/1/2016)

“Oregon Historical Society to Host First Public Exhibit of ‘The Magna Carta of Baseball'”, The Oregon Historical Society (6/1/2016)

“Grave of Baseball Pioneer Finally Marked”, Green-Wood Cemetery (5/17/2016)

“HILLARY SMITH: ‘Base ball’ laws prove nothing is forever”, The Northwest Indiana Times (5/15/2016)

“Who Was The Creator of The First 20 Rules of Baseball?”, Latino Baseball (5/12/2016)

“Who really invented baseball?”, MLB (5/3/2016)

“Who invented baseball? $3.2 million documents at Laguna Niguel auction house might finally prove it”, The Orange County Register (4/26/2016)

“Eight Investment Tips From The $3.3 Million Sale Of ‘The Laws Of Base Ball'”, Forbes (4/26/2016)

“Historic Papers Documenting the ‘Laws of Base Ball’ Sell for More Than $3 Million”, Mental Floss (4/26/2016)

“Louis Fenn Wadsworth: Baseball’s Man of Mystery and History”, Our Game (4/26/2016)

“Auction of Baseball Rules Sets Record”, Orange County Business Journal (4/25/2016)

“The 1857 ‘Laws of Base Ball’ just sold at auction for more than $3 million”, MLB (4/25/2016)

“‘Laws of Baseball’ Documents Go For $3 Million at Auction”, Baseball Essentials (4/25/2016)

“The Laws of Base Ball sets new world record”, Paul Fraser Collectibles (4/25/2016)


“Doc Adams’ 1857 ‘Laws Of Base Ball’ Documents Sell For $3.3 Million in SCP Auctions’ 2016 Spring Premier”, PSA Sports (4/25/2016)

“Baseball’s ‘Magna Carta’ sells for $3.3M, reveals new ‘father'”, CBS (4/24/2016)

“Baseball’s ‘Magna Carta’ sells for $3 million: Sport has new founding father after ‘Laws of Base Ball’ from 1857 are discovered”, Daily Mail (4/24/2016)

“Baseball’s Original Rules Fetch Record $3.2 Million At Auction”, Financial Review (4/24/2016)

“Rules of baseball bought in auction for $3.26M”, ESPN (4/24/2016)

“Who is Doc Adams? Learn more about one of baseball’s founding fathers”, The Globe and Mail (4/24/2016)

“Is former Connecticut Senator Doc Adams the father of baseball?”, New Haven Register (4/24/2016)

“Founding Rules of ‘Base Ball’ Sell for $3.26 Million in Auction”, New York Times (4/24/2016)

“New Father of Baseball, Sport’s “Magna Carta” sells for $3.3M”, Wochit News (4/24/2016)

“Historic ‘Laws of Baseball’ documents sell for more than $3M”, USA Today (4/24/2016)

“You ARE the Father: Who Is Doc Adams, Baseball’s Dad”, USA Today (4/24/2016)

“Early Baseball Docs, Koufax Jersey Climb Past $300K”, Sports Collectors Daily (4/22/2016)

“Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame Has Connection with Historical Baseball Discovery”, Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame (4/21/2016)

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“Who’s your Daddy? Modern baseball may have new founder”, AP (4/7/2016)

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“A Course Correction for Cooperstown”, The Hardball Times (12/14/2015)

“My Own Little Hall of Fame: 2015 Wrap”, Verdun2’s Blog (12/8/2015)

“BASEBALL’S 2016 PRE-INTEGRATION ERA COMMITTEE BALLOT: ARE THERE ANY HALL OF FAMERS LEFT? “, Not in the Hall of Fame (12/8/2015)“Pre-Integration Era vote again shows flaws in Hall of Fame’s process”, Sports Illustrated (12/7/2015)

“Pre-Integration Era vote again shows flaws in Hall of Fame’s process”, Sports Illustrated (12/7/2015)

“Twins great Bert Blyleven: Veterans candidates ‘just didn’t go in'”, Pioneer Press (12/7/2015)

“Yes, there are some long-dead white guys who still belong in the Hall of Fame”, The Baseball Continuum (12/7/2015)

“My 19th Century Pantheon”, Our Game (12/7/2015)

“MLB WINTER MEETINGS”, ASAP Sports Transcripts, (12/7/2015)

“Pre-Integration vote yields no Hall inductees”, MLB, (12/7/2015)

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“John Thorn on Hot Stove”, MLB Network (12/7/2015)

“Should Doc Adams Be in the Hall of Fame? Of course.”, Dazzy Vance Chronicles (12/4/2015)

“Winter meetings preview: Storylines, players to watch in Nashville”, Sports Illustrated (12/4/2015)

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“Pioneer’s relative fights for his HOF election”, (11/27/2015)

“History Denied”, The Hall Ball (11/11/2015)

“Yale Graduate on Hall of Fame Ballot for Baseball Achievements”, Yale University Athletics, (10/21/2015)

“New Hampshire Native and Baseball Pioneer Named to the 2016 National Baseball Hall of Fame Pre-integration Era Committee Ballot”, American Towns (10/21/2015)

“Doc Adams (Hall of Fame Candidate) on Pre-integraton Era Hall of Fame Ballot”, MLB Reports (10/16/2015)

“Lazzari’s Sports Roundup – 10/14/15”, Bob Lazzari on Sports, (10/14/2015)

“Doc Adams: 19th Century Ballplayer, 21st Century Hall of Famer?”,  Olny a Game, WBUR (10/10/2015)

“Posnanski Plays Race Card in His Criticism of Baseball Hall of Fame’s Pre-Integration Committee”, (10/9/2015)

“Ridgefielder Adams on Ballot for Baseball Hall of Fame”, Ridgefield Times (10/8/2015)

“On The Fly: Randy Edsall Could Be On Way Out At Maryland (see 2nd paragraph)”, Hartford Courant (10/8/2015)

“Vintage Baseball Is A Return To Our Roots”, News Center Maine (10/7/2015)

“Pre-integration Hall Of Fame Ballot Unveiled”, Baseball America (10/6/2015)

“2016 Pre-Integration Ballot Released”, Hall of Stats (10/6/2015)

“10 finalists named for Baseball Hall of Fame’s 2016 Pre-Integration Era ballot”, SABR (10/5/2015)

“DOC ADAMS HELPED SHAPE BASEBALL’S EARLIEST DAYS”, National Baseball Hall Of Fame (10/5/2015)

“2016 PRE-INTEGRATION COMMITTEE CANDIDATES”, National Baseball Hall Of Fame (10/5/2015)

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“When it comes to knowing baseball, this guy, not Bo, knows baseball”, Tallahassee Democrat (4/14/1993)