Marjorie Adams’ tireless efforts to spread the story of her great-grandfather, Doc Adams, enlightened and inspired many baseball fans. She conducted a Doc Adams Awareness Campaign to educate people on Doc’s role as a pioneer of our National Pastime and his importance to baseball’s survival and growth during its nascent period. Her goal was to see him recognized with long overdue enshrinement in the National Baseball Hall of Fame. Efforts will continue in her honor.

I had a lot of help. Back four years ago, a man by the name of John Thorn, who is the official historian for Major League Baseball, published a book by the name of “Baseball in the Garden of Eden.” And I looked in the fly leaf on the inside jacket, and the first name I saw there was Doc Adams. I couldn’t believe it. So I absorbed that book. I just drank it all in.

Marjorie Adams, Doc Adams: 19th Century Ballplayer, 21st Century Hall of Famer? (WBUR)