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Doc Adams – SABR’s Overlooked 19th Century Baseball Legend — 2 Comments

  1. Getting history right is an on going process. Figuring out things as recently as nineteenth century America is frustrating (thank goodness we have so many people that can look at the written record with the help of the internet in every imaginable nook and cranny) With so many baby boomers now retiring in a population of 330 million we should have a big bump up in the number of people who have time to explore history as a hobby. I was happy a few years ago when I satisfied an item of curiosity I had been trying for fifteen years to find out about in ten minutes with the internet. Learning about Doc Adam’s has been fun and it allows me to update information that was wrong. I always say to people “to the the best of my knowledge such and such is the case if I find out differently I will adjust what I had believed to be the case and try to let you know”. Not everyone wants to hear that something they had been told about history and other matters should always be taken with a grain of salt in case new data should be forthcoming to supplant a previous error or misconception. LOL.

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