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  1. Marjorie and I had many discussions on Facebook messenger as I was trying to identify the four piece base ball cover as the probable choice of Doc Adams as he made his club equipment. She was a delight and always helpful with a grand sense of humor, I might add, as we would venture into other topics. I made a particular base ball for her called the “Knickerbocker” designed and constructed, including the use of horse hide, as Doc stated in the Sporting News article of 1896. We would often talk about her efforts to place Doc in the Hall of Fame, and I promised to meet her there. With great sorrow, this will not be possible and she will not be presiding on that day which I am confident will take place, but sure she will be looking down with her contagious smile. Rest in Peace, Marjorie, and thank Doc for all of us. I miss you already.

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