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Efforts Ramp Up to Get CT Baseball Legend Into Hall of Fame — 3 Comments

  1. Rich "Good News" Moran - interpreter/scorer/umpire for the Clodbuster Base Ball Club in Dayton Ohio on said:

    Would any inputs from present day Vintage ballists be considered, and if so, where would we direct them? I am sure many of us have heard about Doc Adams and would be happy to have his accomplishments and contributions to the game recognized officially.

  2. Enshrinement is long overdue. When the Knicks first started practicing at Elysian Fields, Dock was the one who kept pestering everyone about the responsibility of showing up for practice days as often there would be so few players they had to resort back to playing one, two, or three ‘cat games – and – this was dependent upon Dock having made a new base ball since there were no ball manufacturers in those days and any a newly made ball would get mushy very quickly. Bottom Line: Dock kept the Knicks alive for quite some time. “Pastor Paul”

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