Marjorie Adams Knocks It Out Of The Park At SABR 47


Marjorie Adams, great-granddaughter of Doc Adams, delivered a research presentation, “Doc Adams: A Founding Father of Baseball” at SABR 47 yesterday, June 29 at the Grand Hyatt in New York City. Marjorie delivered an engaging and enlightening presentation on Doc Adams’ life and his role as a founding father of the modern game of baseball that we know and love today. The presentation was well received by an enthusiastic audience. 

John Thorn once remarked: “He’s (Doc Adams) the true father of baseball and you’ve never heard of him.” Marjorie continues to work tirelessly to change that. By spreading the word of Doc’s accomplishments and contributions she hopes that Doc will receive his long overdue recognition with enshrinement in the National Baseball Hall of Fame.


“The annual SABR convention, which is open to all baseball fans, includes top featured speakers from around the baseball world — front-office executives, players, managers, scouts, journalists, historians, and analysts — innovative panel discussions, groundbreaking research presentations, major-league games, the SABR Trivia Contest, the Awards Reception, and most of all, the opportunity to make and renew baseball friendships over the course of this exciting and memorable event.”

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