Daniel Lucius ‘Doc’ Adams was born on November 1, 1814 to Dr. Daniel Adams, M.D. and Nancy Mulliken Adams in Mont Vernon, NH. His parents married August 17, 1800.

Daniel Adams, M.D. 1773 – 1864
Nancy Mulliken Adams 1780-1851

These portraits were painted circa 1813.

Adams compiled or wrote several different textbooks over the course of his life. His first was The Scholar’s Arithmetic (1801). The text was very popular during the first quarter of the 19th century, and he published a revision of it, entitled Adam’s New Arithmetic, in 1827. Much later in 1848, he published another mathematics textbook entitled Primary Arithmetic. He compiled three reading textbooks during his life, The Understanding Reader (1803), The Agricultural Reader (1824), and The Monitorial Reader (1841). He also wrote a grammar textbook The Thorough Scholar, or the Nature of Language (1802), a geography textbook Geography, or a Description of the World (1814), and an accounting textbook Bookkeeping (1849).