On October 9, 2021, the general meeting of SABR’s Smoky Joe Wood Chapter had a 19th Century Base Ball theme.

Presentations on the 1884 season by Bill Ryczek, the popular game of Wicket in CT by Joanne Hulbert, Sunday Base Ball by Alan Cohen, and annual Retro All Star selections for 1876 to 1899 by Michael Murphy were enjoyed by attendees.

The capstone of the meeting was Chapter President Steve Krevisky announcing Marjorie Adams as the recipient of the Inaugural Doc Adams Award.

Marjorie Adams’ tireless efforts to spread the story of her great-grandfather, Doc Adams, enlightened and inspired many baseball fans. She conducted a Doc Adams Awareness Campaign to educate people on Doc’s role as a pioneer of our National Pastime and his importance to baseball’s survival and growth during its nascent period. Her goal was to see him recognized with long overdue enshrinement in the National Baseball Hall of Fame.

More about Marjorie Adams can be found here.

Chapter President Steve Krevisky Announces Marjorie Adams as the Recipient of the Inaugural Doc Adams Award