The Baseball Americana exhibition at the Library of Congress ran from June 29, 2018 through the Summer of 2019.  The ‘Laws of  Base Ball” authored by Doc Adams is the centerpiece of this major, year-long exhibition. The exhibition explores baseball’s past and present and how the game has forged a sense of community for players and fans across the country. The Doc and the ‘Laws of  Base Ball’ were featured in the July/August 2018 edition of  the Library of Congress Magazine in an article entitled, “The Game’s ‘Magna Carta’“.

Library of Congress’ Baseball Americana Exhibition’s Centerpiece – Doc Adams’ “Laws of Base Ball”

“The founding documents of baseball that would shape the modern game as our national pastime were ironed out in January and February 1857 at a convention called by the Knickerbockers Base Ball Club in New York City. Corrections were made by hand as the details were negotiated by New York-area ballclubs, including whether to play seven, nine or 12 innings to a game. The convention established a uniform set of rules, many of which are still in use today, including nine players on a side, nine innings to a game and 90 feet between bases.”

More on the “Laws of Base Ball“.

For more information, on the exhibition, read “Baseball’s ‘Magna Carta’ to be Displayed in Major Exhibition on the Game” on the Library of Congress site. 

The events of All-star Weekend associated with the Library of Congress’  Baseball Americana exhibition did not disappoint. The centerpiece of the exhibition is Baseball’s Magna Carta in its 1st major exhibition since being rediscovered and sold at auction for $3.26M. Events included a Vintage Base Ball demonstration, a bat-making demonstration, and an a Capella performance of vintage base ball songs by The Capital Hearings. The highlight of the day was John Thorn’s presentation, “The Origins of the Modern Game: The Laws of Base Ball”.

Baseball’s Magna Carta – Doc Adams’ Handwritten “Laws of Base Ball”
MLB’s Official Historian, John Thorn – “The Origins of the Modern Game: The Laws of Base Ball”
Vintage Base Ball Demonstration
The Capital Hearings Performed Some Great A Capella Vintage Base Ball Songs
Thrilled to Share the Experience With Marjorie

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