In 1865, Doc Adams moved to Ridgefield, CT. Doc Adams’ Ridgefield, CT home. “For the higher altitude, … for my mother’s health”, Roger Cook Adams (1874 – 1962), recording made January, 1962. The Adams family lived in Ridgefield until 1888.

Courtesy of the Ridgefield, CT Historical Society
1867 Ridgefield Town Map (Beers)

Adams became “one of the leading citizens of the Connecticut village,” according to author William J. Ryczek. He served as a Republican legislator in the Connecticut House of Representatives for the town in 1870. He contributed to the creation of the Ridgefield Land Improvement Association. In 1871, he accepted a job with the Ridgefield Savings Bank (later renamed the Fairfield County Bank) as the company’s first president. After working there until 1879, Adams took a break from his duties; during this time, he helped found Ridgefield’s library and served as its treasurer. In 1884, he returned to the Ridgefield National Bank and remained president there until mid-1886. Adams and his family relocated to a house in New Haven, Connecticut, in 1888.

Courtesy of the Ridgefield, CT Historical Society

Ballard Park is now situated on the former site of Doc Adams’ Ridgefield home.