“In March 2011, Major League Baseball established an accomplished panel of 12 experts and historians that will seek to determine the facts of baseball’s beginnings and its evolution. The Committee will compile and evaluate information that pertains to the game’s founding and its growth.

Following the study period, the panel will seek to tell the story of baseball’s beginnings and explore not only the game’s broadest origins, but also its development in local communities. John Thorn, the Official Historian of Major League Baseball, serves as chairman.”

The MLB Origins Committee

Doc Adams References can be found here – search for the following references (within the parenthesis):

(1839c.6) 1839 – Doc Adams Enters the Field

(1840.1)  1840 – Doc Adams Plays a Ball Game in NYC He [Later] Understands to be Base Ball

(1845.2)  1845 – Knicks Play First Recorded [Intramural] Games By The New Rules

(1845c.15)  1845 – Doc Adams, Ballmaker: The Hardball Becomes Hard

(1849.2)  1849 – Doc Adams Creates Modern Shortstop Position

(1857.1) 1857 – Rules Modified to Specify Nine Innings, 90-Foot Base Paths, Nine-Player Teams

(1860.21)  1860 – NABBP Refines Rules on the Ball